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What do we offer?

To promote the well-being and engagement of individuals, Be Well Plus has a diverse array of activities that are offered on a daily basis. Please refer to our calendar for further details on the dates and times of each activity by clicking here. To advance our mission of wellness through psychosocial nurturing, we are dedicated to keeping individuals active in their community and in their own lives through socializing with others as well as participating in activities of their own interest. Our daily activities consist of the following:




Guided Meditation

Wii sports

Arts & Crafts

Board Games


There is strong evidence that educational, social, and physical activity programs for older adults improve mental and physical health outcomes among participants (Leung 2015, Noice 2014, Hertzog 2009, Cadore 2013, RAND-Shekelle 2003, Glass 1999, NREPP-EnhanceWellness). Such programs have been shown to reduce loneliness (Cattan 2005), protect against social isolation (Wick 2012), and improve emotional well-being and quality of life for older adults (Leung 2015). Program effects have been sustained up to 12 months after participation; additional research is needed to confirm effects after 12 months (Hobbs 2013). Social engagement and group activity programs (e.g., participatory art activities) can benefit cognition for elderly adults (Noice 2014, Hertzog 2009) and can decrease their risk of death (Glass 1999). Physical activity programs have been shown to reduce falls, improve strength, walking performance, and balance (Bullo 2015, Cadore 2013, RAND-Shekelle 2003). Such programs also reduce depression (Mammen 2013, RAND-Shekelle 2003, Bridle 2012) and have other cognitive benefits for older adults (Kelly 2014), although effects may vary by the type of exercise (Cochrane-Young 2015). Exercise classes combined with health promotion education can increase levels of physical activity, improve attitudes toward physical activity, and enhance mental and physical health (NREPP-EnhanceWellness). Senior center activities can also foster new supportive friendships (Aday 2006). Available evidence suggests that physical exercise programs can also improve cognitive function and enhance physical function and activity for frail older adults or those with chronic health conditions (Gine-Garriag 2014, Guzman-Garcia 2013, NREPP-EnhanceWellness).


Doctors Plus Medical Center is a Family Physician office dedicated to the well-being of all patients. Dr. Wong founded Be Well Plus with the hope of providing a resource to patients to improve engagement in their health.

Feel free to visit their website at: http://www.doctorsplusmed.com/ Doctors Plus Medical Center