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What do we offer?

Be Well Plus offers educational health seminars from on a weekly basis. The seminars are dedicated to promote the health of our community, focused on areas such as diabetic education, nutrition, healthy alternatives, health insurance options, technology basics, environmental hazards, and much more.


Health literacy is the degree to which people obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services in order to make appropriate health decisions (IOM-Nielsen-Bohlman 2004). Low levels of health literacy are associated with poor health outcomes and limited use of preventive care (AHRQ-Berkman 2011, Taggart 2012). Patients with low health literacy also appear to have higher health care costs and health care expenditures. Up to one-half of the US population has limited health literacy; elderly and low income individuals are most likely to have low health literacy (Eichler 2009). Health insurance literacy is also low, particularly among those with low incomes (Barcellos 2014, Urban-Long 2014), the uninsured, and racial and ethnic minorities (Urban-Long 2014). Approaches to improving health literacy include simplifying health education materials (written, video, audio, and computer formats), improving patient-provider communication, and improving overall literacy.

There is some evidence that interventions to improve health literacy increase health-related knowledge (Taggart 2012, APHCRI-Bush 2010, DeWalt 2009, Pignone 2005) and comprehension (Sheridan 2011). Additional evidence is needed to confirm effects and determine which interventions are most effective.

Interventions that use enhanced written and print-based materials have been shown to increase health-related knowledge among children and adults (DeWalt 2009, APHCRI-Bush 2010, Pignone 2005, Wilson 2012a). Programs that serve older adults may increase participants’ knowledge and capacity to find relevant health information (Manafo 2012). Group-based education programs in primary care settings also appear to increase knowledge among adults (Taggart 2012). Classes that teach participants how to access health information on the internet may improve online health literacy by increasing self-efficacy in health information seeking and health information comprehension (Cochrane-Car 2011).

Interventions that combine various approaches (e.g., enhancing written materials and conducting an in-person interview) appear to increase patients’ comprehension and appropriate health care use (Sheridan 2011). Health literacy interventions that use multi-media approaches or focus on interpersonal interactions appear to promote improved communication between patients and providers (APHCRI-Bush 2010, Wilson 2012a).

Various types of health care professionals can deliver interventions that improve health literacy; more intense interventions appear to increase the likelihood of improvement (Dennis 2012).


Doctors Plus Medical Center

Doctors Plus Medical Center is a Family Physician office dedicated to the well-being of all patients. Dr. Wong founded Be Well Plus with the hope of providing a resource to patients to improve engagement in their health.

Feel free to visit their website at: http://www.doctorsplusmed.com/ Doctors Plus Medical Center